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Consultation Question Responses: Round 2

March - April 2021

General Enquiries

The legacy of the site is very much focused on the retention of the existing facility. We have worked hard to agree a partnership with the Fowler-Carragher Academy and Olympic icon, Steve Parry, to ensure that the sporting legacy of Melwood continues and future generations of children and local people can enjoy Melwood's internal and external facilities, like never before. Working with former LFC players as well as the Professional Footballers' Association, the Melwood building will become an exemplar of how a housing-led development will benefit locals and the wider region. Further information on plans for Melwood can be found here:

A number of organisations expressed interest in the existing Melwood building and all proposals were evaluated based on a number of criteria, including; community benefit, viability and if it was a self-sustaining proposal. All proposals were presented to the Torus Board - who considered each - but selected a partnership that reflected our organisational values and will ensure the future of Melwood benefits local people and communities with a diverse and unique offer.

A 'young professional' generally refers to someone in their 20s or 30s who is no longer in education, but is in gainful employment.

Applying for change of use is part of the planning process which will be submitted in September 2021.

Throughout the construction of the site, right through to when it is completed, different Site Management Teams will be responsible for the smooth running of all works at Melwood. During construction, an experienced Site Manager and Team will be in position - and accessible to answer any questions from local residents - to ensure that the build minimally impacts local residents. This covers everything from timing deliveries to hours of the day that are quieter to pest control. The contractor used to develop Melwood will sign up to Considerate Constructors Scheme which ensures best practice. Once constructed, the Extra Care Scheme on site will be managed by Torus Support Network who will manage the care residents receive and a Housing Management Team will manage communal areas, facilities, repairs and maintenance in the building. In terms of communal areas, a Neighbourhoods Team will be in place and will provide grounds maintenance services to outdoor areas. With regards to the existing Melwood building, the Academy will ensure the smooth running of all facilities - both indoor and outdoor.

As part of Torus' ongoing committment to creating a housing-led development that is a true asset for the local community, local organisations and community groups will be engaged with to understand what could be possible, in terms of offering services at the existing facility or in the new Extra Care Scheme. This will take place in conjunction with the Fowler-Carragher Academy as the new tenants of the Melwood building to ensure that any future partnerships would work for all involved and would be viable. At the moment, there are no plans for a day nursery to be created at Melwood.

Existing Facilities and Infrastructure

The pool facility is being retained as part of our new partnership with Steve Parry's swim! and will be used for planned activities, as set out by the on-site team.

With regards to the boundry surround the existing Melwood building, this is something the current occupier (the anticipated Fowler-Carragher Academy) will decide on when they begin running the building. Currently, nothing has been decided on the boundry treatment surrounding the building.

It has always been important for us that Melwood is accessible to the community and that is an important part of our partnership agreement with the Fowler-Carragher Academy and Steve Parry's swim!. Community members will be able to access Melwood's facilities at different times during the week (depending on the timetable the Academy puts in place) and rates will be comparable to local Liverpool City Council facilities and local sports centres.

Local capacity in GPs and schools is something that the Local Authority and NHS England advise on and ultimately decide. Therefore, if extra local amenities are needed as a response to homes being built at Melwood, it will be decided by Liverpool City Council, and is not something Torus can influence or affect. Our proposals now also include an award winning school for 16 - 19 year olds in the form of the Fowler-Carragher Academy. Conversations are also ongoing around the potential for joint activities between the Fowler-Carragher Academy and GP Practices in West Derby, following on from the relationship developed from successful use of the Melwood building for Covid vaccinations. Regarding highway access, a full Transport Assessment is being undertaken in relation to the proposed devellopment, to ensure that significant congestion does not result and that any highway safety implications are avoided.

We are working with a Landscape Architect, who is an integral part of the development team and will advise on how the perimeters of the site will be defined. At this point, as it will be decided on during planning, we cannot comment, but the boundry treatment proposal will form part of our planning submission.

The existing Melwood building will be retained as part of a new partnership agreement with the Fowler-Carragher Academy and Steve Parry's swim! who will retain the internal and external facilities for local and community use. Further information can be found here: As designs for the site have not been finalised, we cannot comment on the number of homes being built at this point and must refer you to the two designs presented during this round of consultation. Design 1 has suggested that 92 homes will be built and 100 apartments built in an Extra Care Scheme and Design 2 has presented 95 homes on site, with 100 apartments built in an Extra Care Scheme. The planning application to be submitted in September 2021 will confirm the number of homes proposed for the site. As proposed as part of our consultation, we will look to incorporate SuDS into the development at Melwood, which will reduce the runoff of water levels from the site by at least 30% during storms, this will positively impact surrounding areas and lessen flooding events. Further information can be found here, in our 'Flooding & Drainage' video:

House Types and Tenures

An Extra Care Scheme will be built on site which will see specialist apartments created for those with care needs and we are liaising with Liverpool City Council to understand what specific specialist accommodation needs there are in West Derby and the wider Liverpool City Region. When completed, these apartments will likely be available via Property Pool Plus which will give interested people the opportunity to apply for a home in the scheme. In addition to the Extra Care facility, we intend to include seven 2-bedroomed bungalows within our development proposals, and are liaising with Liverpool Council’s Adult Care team and Commissioners to ensure that these bungalows address identified housing needs. The bungalows and extra care are anticipated as an Affordable Rent tenure, rather than being for sale, and will be marketed through the lettings system Property Pool Plus. Rental values would not be fixed until the properties are nearing completion.

Traffic & Parking

We are working closely with the Highways Authority from Liverpool City Council to look at how the development may impact surrounding roads and existing infrastructure and are currently undertaking a thorough Transport Assessment which will provide recommendations on how to minimise local impact from any extra cars on site.

There are multiple ways we will work to control any disruption caused to local residents throughout the development. For example, with noise, we have employed an independent acoustic consultancy who have undertaken a noise assement and made recommendation to keep noise at a minimum for existing and proposed residents and below accepted standards. When construction begins, a Construction Method Statement will be agreed with Liverpool City Council which will outline good practice for the contractor on site, such as only undertaking works during working hours etc. This will form part of the conditions for planning approval. Also, to help minimise disruption, the contractor used to develop Melwood will sign up to Considerate Constructors Scheme which ensures best practice. Finally, Liverpool City Council and the Environmental Health Team will look at our proposals to ensure there are no undue impacts for local residents.

Liverpool City Council will decide if road and junction improvements are necessary to support the development at Melwood. They will then look to secure and action the necessary upgrades. Torus will make a financial contribution to any road works and will work with Liverpool City Council, as the local highways authority, throughout the planning process to address any issues identified.

Liverpool City Council Highways Authority has responsibility for Deysbrook Lane, so we cannot comment. However, we are working with the Highways Authority to ensure the development doesn't cause or exacerbate traffic issues around the site.

Designs for the site are not yet finalised, but we are currently discussing different layouts for the development. Traffic entry and exit positions will form part of our planning application, so will be agreed with Liverpool City Council, and considerately placed to reduce impact and pressure on key driving routes around Melwood.

With regards to the use of the existing Melwood building, we will work with the Fowler-Carragher Academy to agree operating times and put together a Transport Assessment to anticipate flows of traffic, especially at peak times, which Liverpool City Council will then feedback on. A Travel Plan will also be created for the entire site and we will look to include specific measure into the developments design to reduce traffic and peak times and overall impact on traffic levels around Melwood, throughout construction and until completion/handover.

Flooding & Drainage

Any existing issues with drainage or flooding around Melwood should be addressed by the Lead Local Flood Authority, Liverpool Council. As part of our development, ‘we have undertaken a Flood Risk Assessment and fully considered existing drainage infrastructure in the vicinity of the site. Torus will submit a Drainage Strategy Report with its planning application, to propose a drainage design and method and highlight any constraints identified during assessment work. The document will be used for discussions with the Local Planning Authority, Lead Local Flood Authority, the Local Water and Drainage Authority (United Utilities) and the Environment Agency as required. As part of our planned development, we are actively looking to reduce any impact on flooding through the use of SuDS, which will provide at least a 30% reduction in the amount of water leaving the site during storms. We are aiming to improve the performance of the drainage solutions at Melwood, which will ultimately be of benefit to the entire community. To find out more, please see our 'Flooding and Drainage' video, released as part of this round of consultation:

The site has been fully investigated - which includes consideration of all previous uses of the land and monitoring gas levels at the site. It has not been condemned. We are working with Liverpool Council’s Environmental Health Team and will follow all guidance issued to ensure our approach to building foundations is correct and safe.

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