Torus Group Strategies

The Corporate Plan 2019 – 2024 required the development of five Group Strategies, with a Corporate Core at the centre.

These Group Strategies represent the key commitments of the distinct strands of Torus Group, arranged by Core, Enhanced and Peak objectives. Our Core and Enhanced objectives set out the commitments as per the Torus Group Business Plan up to 2024. Our Peak commitments represent what we realistically think we can achieve in the future, as a leading influencer and leader within the affordable housing sector.

The Group Strategies were approved by our Group Board on the week commencing 2nd March 2020 subject to tenant, customer and external stakeholder feedback.

We would therefore welcome your thoughts and comments on our Group Strategies before the closing date of Monday 23rd March 2020.

The Group Strategies are available to download below.

Value for Money

Our Value for Money Strategy was created alongside the five Group Strategies. This key resource - which will sit within the Corporate Core suite of Operational Strategies - defines how we will work to maximise efficiencies and optimise costs across the business.


Please let us know your thoughts on our Strategies.